Steve Parkin

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Steve Parkin

I've never been particularly cool or felt like I was a part of the local indie clique. On an occasion or two, a few years after something I've done, a band or artist will sheepishly pull me aside at a gig and nervously confess to being influenced by me. I just keep doing what I do.

When post-rock and Sonic Youth and Hüsker Du and Mogwai were the influences du jour on the '90's Perth scene, my band Autopilot recorded Beatlesque harmonies and horn sections. When Beatley garage rock and flux strings poured out of Sydney in 2005, I made little indie pop symphonies and acoustic Elton John ballads. In a year of Gotye, Boy and Bear and Empire of the Sun, I recorded an album of AOR guitar pop/rock with Eskimo Joe, inspired by The Cars and REO Speedwagon.

 I don't need buzz. Never had it. But the few out there who have found my music over the years and stuck around, I totally love to disco and swap hidden treasure.



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